Friday, September 23, 2005

Quick update

I have almost gotten halfway through the edits for Confessions of an Introvert - I am a little behind - hoping to catch up over the weekend. With a little luck and a lot of work, I truly believe this will be the most comprehensive book about introverts and business success. I am off to BNI right now to drum up some SEO business. Then back to the office to get some work in before the weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Search Engine Optimization, Rochester

I have been getting more traffic on my site for those seeking information on SEO and search engine optimization services in Rochester. And while SEO is a big part of my life, and I will continue to ramble of about it - I thought a place for just SEO stuff was prudent. I have made a new blog for SEO. Much of that info is rehashed stuff from Ramblings.... but all contained in one easy resource. So check that out if you are so inclined.

Besides I just deleted two blogs because I didn't have time to maintain them. So in true "over-achiever" form I filled the tiny gap of time I had freed up with that new time sink.

I am so predictable.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bring it on.

I am a pretty nice person. Pretty nice. Usually. But tonight there is someone I'd like to have a serious conversation with. This person doesn't even know I exist in reality, but he is making me pretty darn crabby. He has no idea what I am willing to do to make his life miserable - watch out dude - I am going to start ordering pizzas and porn to your office. - every day every hour. Oh... and I am going to send that really annoying spam from displaced foreign royalty who have lost their fortunes, but, with your help (and bank account number) they can get it back, to reward you generously. You have no idea who you are messing with.

Phew - got that off my chest.

I am trying to keep the other blogs up to date. I am sure if you have been paying attention, you know that I am having a little problem with that... so I deleted 2 yesterday. The Networking in NY and the Networking for Women blogs weren't going anywhere, and the content was similar enough to the other blogs that I decided to focus my madness to the dozen other blogs. Besides, no one wants to read THAT much from me anyway (and if you do... have I mentioned my book?)

I did just update a posting on the How to Network blog - check that out if you get a chance. Good stuff - written in my casual, nonsensical way. (You know, if you like that sort of thing.)

The nice editor told me I have bad grammar. Oh, actually "sloppy" grammar. ( I wouldn't want to misquote her... that would be another no-no). But I am looking forward to getting the book back so that I can finish it up and get this project to the next phase.

Well, that is all for this evening. I have resorted to Tylenol PM to chase away the great ideas and pearls of wisdom that cloud my brain and keep me awake at night. Thusly, pretty soon I will close my eyes and slumber happily for 8 hours. Sleep, even for this insomniac, is welcome tonight.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Confessions - Update and Such

The editor will be mailing my book back to me (all marked up) tomorrow. She told me that "red pen was my friend." She also pointed out that I have bad grammar, and don't know how to use punctuation...which is all true. Also, she said I didn't need to be so excited!!! and that I can cut back on the exclaimation points a bit.

All good advice.

She was also nice enough to say that for the most part, the book was decently written, even if some of it did still need a little work. So I will be finishing that up - hopefully during the upcoming weekend.

That said - I am still working on several search engine optimization projects this week, in addition to the regular monthly reporting for the contract clients. New customers such as Security Behind Bars, Algrette Bridal Headwear, David Mack and Associates, and Serving New York will be getting the extra special attention as we tune, and report and link to as appropriate. Also renewed our agreement with Career Training Academy. So lots of work to do.

Luckily, I like work...


PS - Want to read some unedited chapters from Confessions of an Introvert? Check out the Confessions Blog.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Today I am feeling a bit helpless. I have a friend who needs help but he has no way to communicate with me or I with him. This must be the feeling the thousands of people still suffering from the affects of Katrina have; their family members lost, displaced, spread out all over the country. It is a horrible feeling.

My friend John R. will probably never read this. But if he could, I would want him to know that we are out here - and we want to help. I hope he contacts me soon.

I may need a little help from my friends out there... if you are up for it.


Friday, September 09, 2005

BNI - Networking, Presentations, etc.

I do not like public speaking. Don't like it one bit. (see Confessions of an Introvert) But I do it, because it needs to be done. In the last few year I have gotten *almost* comfortable speaking to groups, especially the nice receptive, interesting ones.

I gave my 10 minute presentation today for my BNI (Brighton's Best BNI) in Rochester, NY. I think it went well, and I got a fair amount of positive feedback. It is nice to give a presentation to a room full of engaged, receptive audience members. It makes the trepidation subside.

BNI has been good to me that way. As a Networking group I have met some real power-house contacts, gotten a ton of great business, and been embraced by a friendly interesting group that supports me, and will laugh at my jokes, and be comfortable referring me to their contacts.

I have another networking group that I attend, but they have purposely been less strict about attendance, (BNI required attendance or a sub each week, with 6 absenses only per year). The group is falling apart. They always do. People complain about the strict guidlines and format of BNI, but it works... As long as you have a great group and you stick to the agenda.

There are challenges anytime you bring a group of people together to network, (or anything else) but today I am very grateful to my business networking group here in Rochester! Thank you Brighton's Best.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rochester PI - Mack and Associates

Rochester, NY Private Investigator David Mack of David Mack and Associates came into the office today to learn about search Engine Optimization. I want to welcome him as a new BizNetix SEO customer and recommend that you check his site out. Dave is a referral from another client, and I am happy to have had the chance to meet him, and look forward to watching his site bring him some fantastic new business.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Being an insomniac... some benefits

I watch a lot of television. I actually listen to a lot of television, because I am not always watching - but often doing many things at once. Generally it is work, writing, that kind of thing. But the thing about being awake so much is that I get to enjoy a lot of television. And despite the pathetic "reality" shows and the poor excuses for entertainment out there, there are quite a few quality shows. My favorite shows are CSI, House, the new "Prison Break" show, Alias... that genre - but also the funnier stuff like Scrubs and Family Guy. Also can watch hours and hours of CNN, Discovery Channel, reality medical shows of any kind, the heart-wrenching stuff where babies are born and doctors save lives. Love that stuff. I also enjoy football, and Nascar - great for napping. In fact I can often nap while "watching tv" when I can't sleep any other way, the benefit of that being that I often "remember" a lot of the show/game. Very nerdy I know. Most likely unhealthy, but nothing new there. I am the poster child for unhealthy.

I read a lot too. (Yes, while watching TV...) I also spent most of the day online. In fact I have a really hard time watching TV unless the laptop is on too. It is amazing that I am not 1,000 lbs! Point is, my head is jammed packed of information. It is no wonder I have trouble sleeping. The upside here is that I can chat about nearly any topic, local mayorial race, Tom Cruise's latest interesting world-view, the stock market, MLS soccer, or the latest in technology. - Makes me unhealthy, but interesting!

I have been doing research on book promotion and editing - my topic de jour. I did hire an editor today. So I am looking forward to very positive results there. Also did a little update on the Meghan Wier Website. So, if you get a chance, check that out. I will be doing a more comprehensive overhaul after the cover art for the book is complete... sometime before the end of October.

And there it is, what's going on in Meg's head today...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Is it possible to catch up?

I am falling behind again! Only a couple weeks back from my wonderful seclusive/reclusive vacation, I am once again feeling overwhelmed. And so, at the advice of a business coach, I am going to list my accomplishments this week:

Got hair cut
Ran Filter Store WebTrends report
Scheduled photo-shoot for book cover
Did a pre-interview of an editor
(oh, decided if I want the book to sell, I need a good editor!)
Read up on current SEO trends
Ran reports to see where my sites are placing (doing pretty good!)
Started reading The Introvert Advantage
Made a bunch of phone calls that have yet to be returned

Now the To-Do list would be longer, but I am too busy to make one...

On a total side note: Hurricaine Katrina - I got a call from a client this week with an "emergency". Let me tell you, I am very sympathetic to business people and their Web sites or email having - let me call them "challenges". But unless your home is under water, or completely demolished, unless your child is missing, unless everything you have known and loved is gone, unless armed looters are shooting at you while you try to deliver medical supplies to the sick and injured, you do not have an emergency. You have a challenge. I will assist you in your challenges, but please remember that even today, a week after the hurricaine hit shore, there are still people trapped in their attics and on their roofs, afraid, hungry, and dying. My heart breaks for these people -They have an emergency.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Page Rank Further Explained

I received a comment this morning from someone (Anonymous) who wanted to know why anyone should focus on Page Rank...

The first thing I would like to say about that is please feel free to contact me at with questions on search engine optimization. I will try to address your questions personally when time and the situation permits. While I love the comments, I am not always sure that the person interested in the answer is going to come back to the site for it. (If you don't feel comfortable posting your email on the Internet-like me - then leave a link to your Web site and your first name in the comment and I will track you down.)

Ok, the question repeated:
"I must be missing something with the whole pagerank thing. I mean, if I go after a keyword, and I get it to the top position in the search engines, why should I care at all about the pr that is going to show in the google bar. It shouldn't matter at all, to anyone. After all, the whole point is to grab those top positions, and you can do that just fine without having high google pr."

My answer: Page Rank is just one of the many factors that goes into determining your organic placement on Google. (Let me repeat that for affect: PR IS a factor that determines where you appear on the Search Engines.) The reason to focus on PR is that it is easy to affect as it is determined by links, and quality of links into your site. To the visitor's comment on how high positions can be grabbed without high page rank - yes! absolutely that is true. To be #1 on Google for the term "meghan wier", my site doesn't have to have a high PR at all... because there is hardly any competition. For a broader, or more highly sought after term, such as "Web design", the current highest ranking site (9/3/05) has a PR of 7. Trust me, if they had a 2, they wouln't even be on the first page... no matter how hard they tunred their site!

Of course Page Rank is not the only factor, but it is a BIG one. If two sites are built similarly, and have similar tuning, their only distinguishing factor may come down to who your friends are - and to Google, that mean who links to you.

Anonymous, I hope this answers your question on the importance of Page Rank - the rest of you out there... please do feel free to ask me via email, or leave your contact info for me and I will do my best to help you out.

... on a side note, I have been getting an influx of comments lately, a lot of "blog-spam". While I apreciate the interest in piggy-backing on my site, why don't you check out my Page Rank... which, in case you don't have a Google Tool Bar is a "1". And while I am working on getting that up, and no doubt I will... my PR is not going to rocket your PR anywhere. (Or drive any traffic to you what so ever). So go hop onto another site with a 3 or a 4... and stop getting my hopes up that I actually have people reading this blog! - (Oh, an I know when you are tring to be tricky about it... "I love your blog, check out my home loans site, I think you will find it interesting" - BS - you know I wont.)