Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Meg's SEO rocks

Meg's SEO really works

...sorry couldn't help myself. I threw that in as an H1 tag just to see if it would get a boost in ranking. Hey, if you can't do a little SEO experimentation in a blog, what good is it...

Heard from a person in South Africa interested in my book. That was cool. I guess that is why the Internet rocks. - Well, and why I am an Search Engine Optimization genius--I can't wait to see if I can sell this thing!

(I mean "I can't wait TO SELL this thing" - think positive) Of course, by then the Google Gods will develop some sort of new algorithm just to screw with me...

Met with another dude today that said I had to stop thinking of myself as a "girl-geek" - interesting thought. I am obviously so much more that that, but the title is actually pretty cool for me. For so long I didn't really fit in to any particular category...it's nice to fit in! - But I suppose I am more SEO expert, Internet marketing consultant, business process manager, technologist, writer, supreme ruler of the universe... ok that last one is a hard sell. Labels are so cool. Actually I secretly like being a surprise when people meet me - I don't really look like a geek (and my SAT scores certainly wouldn't give my geek-ness away). I also never looked like I was a carpenter, (awesome carpenter by the way). So I suppose this is an ongoing problem for me... I'll work on it. :)

Monday, August 29, 2005


Confessions of an Introvert has gone into the editing process! I think I am a month late on my orignial schedule - but that is ok, as long as I keep plugging. I have separated each of the 15 chapters into packets for 15 of my closest non-judgemental friends. From there it goes back for revisions and then on to the pros.

I also purchased The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney today... it should be an interesting read and might inspire something in the polishing of my book. We will see - and I'll keep you posted if there is something of note. (of course I will have to find a spare moment or two to read it...)

I have been seeing some success on getting the targeted keyphrases for my book to rank on the engines:

introverts - Google has my meghanwier site, 4introverts page ranked on the 3rd page. I am happy with this for now given the broad term.

confessions of an introvert - www.meghanwier.com is ranked 5th on Google for "confessions of an introvert"

4 introverts - ranks www.meghanwier.com/4introverts.asp #1 on Google

The other engines are pretty good as well, such as MSN has one of my blogs, http://networking4introverts.blogspot.com ranked #5 for introverts and Yahoo has the Confessions Blog ranked #3 for "confessions of an introvert".

So - doing ok, need to keep working on it, adding to the other blogs and keeping things current. Hopefully the 28890 people who searched on "introvert" online last month will find the book interesting.


On another, mildly related note, here are a few of our latest SEO projects -

Security Behind Bars - Nighclub Security Training manual and training video
Algrette Bridal - Bridal headwear, veils, flowers and accessories
Specialty Tools - Tools and equipment for contractors and do-it-yourselfers
Rochester Machinery Suppliers - Large machinery, such as CNC Mills for sale, new and used


- that's it for now - but I did want to share a little pic from my week at the lake to show you how wonderful it was.

- meg

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nightclub Security - Why SEM is so cool

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a process by which the Internet is leveraged to gain name recognition, prospects, sell product, drive traffic etc.

One of my clients, Security Behind Bars, is going through the beginning processes of SEM. We are doing basic web site tuning, developing a link strategy, and working through getting the best ROI on an PPC campaign.

Search Engine Marketing is a beautiful thing. Results are far faster than traditional marketing, easier to modify, and more traceable to particular campaigns and initiatives. Essentially, we can determine if money spent brings the conversion we are seeking within weeks or days, (and sometimes within hours).

To learn more about Nightclub Security Training, go to: www.securitybehindbars.com
To learn more about Search Engine Marketing, contact Meg@meghanwier.com


Thursday, August 25, 2005

I want a do-over! - the day that wasn't quite perfect

1) woke up late
2) bad hair
3) no time for breakfast
4) couldn't find baby's shoes
5) put baby in car sans shoes w/ half a banana and piece of wheat bread
6) crash into mom's car parked in driveway
7) drop baby off at sitter's, remembering upon arrival that it is my "snack day"
8) unable to print reports for client, try 6 different ways, finally get them
9) informed that there is a big stain on my pants
10) have to cancel another meeting with great client last minute (hate that!!)

...after that it got a bit better, but it was a doozy of a morning. I am working on finsihing up the book. I think by the 1st I will have it separated into chapters and printed for my close, non-judgemental friends to read and give me amazing positive feedback - with the goal to get it to the published my the end of September... I'll keep you posted.


Lose the paper... find the profits

BizNetix launched the LTP Solutions site today - Lose the Paper is a consulting company that trains, stategizes and implements the transition to a paperless office. Their clients include accountants, attorneys and technical companies. - check them out - they are a great company, with some cutting edge ideas on how to streamline process and build in efficiencies through technology.

Monday, August 22, 2005

ahhhhh. vacation

I am fresh off a week away at my family cottage on Cayuga Lake. What a nice week. I got a bit of the book written (not all done... but a decent dent). Came home to the email server being backed up w/ 100,000+ emails, clogged toilet, babysitter out of town, the house-painter cancelling at the last minute, a stack of bills, and piles and piles of laundry. Thank goodness for Kathy from Creators of Time, who delivered my groceries this morning.

Anyway, the time away was nice. I need to remember to do that more often. A lot more often.

H1 tags and SEO - one more step in the Optimization puzzle

Good article on H1 tags and SEO.


The article focuses on Google's determination of rank based on H-tags... pretty good stuff.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Geographic Information, and its Importance for SEO

Very often someone will come to me looking to come up high on the search engines for a really broad term - like "gift baskets". And I have to be the person who brings them down to Earth... because 1) Most small business will have a hard time coming up for such a broad search term, (they don't have the money to compete) and 2) If they were to get this placement, it is likely that the majority of people who visit the site would not convert to actual customers.

When targeting keyphrases, it is important to chose phrases that will bring qualified traffic, and that they are obtainable. A good example is "Rochester SEO". Currently, BizNetix comes up pretty high in a Google Search for "SEO Rochester". However, on a search for just "SEO" places BizNetix somewhere - WAY out there.

...And, that is just fine. BizNetix would like people who visit the site to really be looking for them. People like to buy from local companies. By adding in the geographical word into the phrase, the likelyhood of the visitor staying and reading through the site... and even buying, rises considerably.

This got me thinking. I have not given any specific geographical information in this blog much at all. Perhaps you are looking for "Meghan Wier" online- You will be able to find me on Google without a problem. (1) I have a pretty uncommon name, and 2) There is a lot of fairly public information on me out on the WWW, 3) I did it on purpose to use as an example to my clients... so I would hope that I am out there )--- I think there may even be a couple pics in the Google Image Directory (some of which are not even me, by the way).

Anyhow, if you meet me out someplace, and I impress you with my wit and charm and incredible grasp of Internet Marketing, and remember just that my name is Meg, and that I do SEO in Rochester.... would you find me in Google? Yes... actually. (Try it out.), Ok, how about if you just remember my name is Meg and I live in Rochester....(Try it out). Nope... not a chance. You know why? Because of all the sites I have access to, I have never optimized my name and city. I guess I could write "Meg, Rochester, NY" at the end of all my blog posts... but more effective for me, and for your companies, would be to add additional information on the city or state you are doing business in (or wish to do business in).

Meghan Wier (Meg) is located in Rochester, NY, in the Upstate, NY Fingerlakes Region. Rochester is known for its Lilac Festival, Rochester Rhinos A-League Soccer Team, as well as the Rochester Amerks Hockey and Rochester Red Wings Baseball teams. Rochester is home to the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology, (RIT). Rochester is an easy drive to Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, and the beautiful winery region of the Finger Lakes. Meg is a long-time Rochester resident, and is proud to call Upstate New York home.

...you think that will do it? Maybe. But at least it is a start.

-Meg, Rochester, NY

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Google Ranking details

I read too much. Here is a good link to info on how Google determines ranking. I would restate what they say, but that seems like a lot of work when you can read it from the source.

- by Lee Odden

(Remember to always "cite your source".... geez, that is the one thing I remember from business classes in college.)

Keyphrase Density

Another important SEO factor…. Keyphrase Density

Keyphrase Density is the number of times your keyphrase (not key-words, but key-phrases) appear in the visible text on your Web site). The important thing to note here is that your site must contain the phrases for which you would like to be ranked well on the search engines.

duh? maybe, but you would be surprised bring me keyphrases they want top show up for and they don't mention them a single time on their site...

I recommend using these keyphrases on the homepage, as well as devoting a decent section or page to each phrase as well. However, most important, is that the page continue to read well to the visitor, and maintain the overall message of the site. Generally, I find that if the site is well written and focused, (***and the phrases are appropriate***), keyphrase density will happen (almost) automatically.

That said, here are some guidelines I like to follow:
1) Use the keyphrase at least 3 times on the page devoted to that topic
2) Use the keyphrase at least once on the homepage
3) Make sure that the keyphrase is in the metas and the title where appropriate
4) Utilize links throughout the site to direct people to that page

…and there is so much more, but I can’t give all my secrets away in one post. (But just type in "keyphrase density" into Google and you will find gobs of good info).

So go boost your keyphrase density – I promise it will make a big difference!


Monday, August 08, 2005

Introverts: the ones with all the money.

I came across a good article on Introverts today - I thought I would share... It had a cool title, (part of which I "borrowed" for the title of this post), "How to Market to Introverts (you know, the ones with all the money)", By Nancy R. Fenn. Good stuff, and a quick read.

It got me thinking about the phone, (you will understand if you read the article, see #9). I don't even like to order a pizza, let alone make small talk on the phone. (Interesting for someone whose main responsibility is sales...hmmmm?) This might surprise some people, because I do talk...when I have to or when I am talking to someone, or about something, I truly enjoy.

The best way to communicate with me? Email. I love email. Email is the best invention for the introvert. Quick, easy, psudo-personal without the need for the chit-chat. Even better for me is the documented fact that I spoke to you. I have so much going on, that I very often forget phone conversations, or pieces there-of. I mean no offense to those who get me on the phone, but I have a lot going on. If you get me on the phone I am probably driving, my son is probably (hopefully) asleep in the car, and I am talking to you while I have about a million things swirling in my head. Email keeps a record, allows me to sort, file, think about what I want to say before I say it... all that. Email is my lifeline, the equilizer, the tool that makes me able to compete with the yappy people of the world who love to talk, and make deals because they are "so friendly".

I am not friendly--but I can play a friendly person in email!

Unrelated Note (sort-of)
I cannot wait to go to the cottage on the lake this Saturday. I will be unreachable - even by email. I need that quiet, far-away place to re-group. Now more than ever before in my life I need to get away, respect my "introvert" self, and be alone.
Meghan Wier

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Page Rank Explained

I came across a good explaination of Page Rank today. I can only assume it is accurate... it uses a pretty cool mathmatical equation that I just barely understand, and so it has to be right (--no one would go through that much trouble to try to confuse me otherwise.)

Seriously though, the thing I found most interesting was not how the PR is calculated, (I have found that PR is the one aspect of SEO that consistently makes sense) but rather, how PR is distributed from a site to a site. It confirms my belief that many links from one Website page do not help the recipients of the link as much as links from a page that does not link out frequently.

It also confirms the need for AS MUCH content as possible, on AS MANY pages as possible (as long as they contain quality content, appropriate links, good code, etc. etc.-- oh and the marketing people want me to say this..."readability for the actual human visitor")

Check this out: http://www.markhorrell.com/seo/pagerank.html
(sorry Mark, I wish I could contribute to your PR from my blog here... but obviously you get next to nothing from my PR of 1, distributed amongst all my links--sorry dude, but then again, you don't need it!)

...still on the never ending quest for the ultimate SEO - meg

Friday, August 05, 2005

Marketing to Women Online

I commented on this blog about how to market to women online. I thought I was particularly witty - scroll down, I am the 4th comment.

Click Here


What is wrong with me?? - Confessions of a Workaholic

Ok - it is a gorgeous day, I know because I finally got out of my chair to get the mail. I am working from home today - and not for the reasons most people work at home, (to play video games and sleep in), but to actually get some work done. I have been able to work better at home ever since I gave up doing laundry, grocery shopping, house-cleaning and doing the dishes (those things used to distract me... but no more!)

So here I am, sitting on the couch with the laptop, 3 email windows open, 2 different Instant Messenger chats ongoing, a proposal, my book and and several websites on screen, when I could be sitting outside on the back porch, sipping some iced tea and enjoying the weather.

I could be weeding, or sleeping, or taking a walk.

I could be swimming, or reading a book...

But no, I'm inside, the laptop heating my lap to an uncomfortable temperature, working away.

Good thing that vacation is coming up, ( although I do plan on finishing the book that week...)

I am incurable.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


It was a roller-coaster of a week. Some of the worst moments of my life happened during the last few days, and it really puts things into perspective. Shows you who your friends are, and arent, and why and why not.

This week was a prime example of how a human can exist, although not well, with little to no food or sleep.

This week makes me grateful for the real things, the important people and for life.

This week I am grateful for apologies from otherwise reasonable people who behaved liked morons, for good doctors, for old friends, for good friends (old and new), for those who care without looking to gain something from it, for the future and for the brilliant people who surround me, teach me, and give me strength.

I am also grateful for the client who called me this morning to tell me I was "a genius".

No desire to ramble on about blogs, SEO, great web design or being shy... none of that seems worth it today.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Monday evening... night maybe. Perhaps Tuesday by the time I finish the post. Decent day. Bummer of an evening. Nothing in particular, just a day that was.

Had some good SEO conversations today. I think that people must be getting sick if listening to me talk about Website Optimization. Maybe they are being polite by asking more questions. Who knows, as long as they buy more, and continue to humor me I suppose the system works.

hm. Guess I didn't make it to tomorrow with the posting of the blog...