Friday, July 29, 2005

Blog/Web content theft

I read an article today ( about how prevelant blog (and website) content theft is... and I got to thinking, boy, kids today are so lucky! In my day if you wanted to plagierize, you actually had to find a book on the subject (as in--in the library!) and then copy, word for word onto an actual piece of paper, or if you were really fortunate, type the words into your computer. (And if you had one of these, it didn't come with things like "spell-check"!)

Well - for goodness sake, what do we expect? Of course people are going to steal, (and if they are a little crafty, slightly re-word) what we post on the web... We put it out there. We made it easy to take... (and if you are like me, you tried to drive traffic to it, and make it really easy to find...). Best thing to do is copyright what you post, and then cross your fingers and call people on it when/if you catch them. (Or write things that are SO bad and unreadable that no one would want to copy it and call it their own!

For the record, if anyone wants to use something I wrote -- I would be honored (and perhaps surprised!), but do me a favor, (what was it that old business professor of mine said all the time???) CITE YOUR SOURCE. And the thing that would make me even happier... link to the article... expecially if you have a really great Page Rank!

(c) 2005 Meghan Wier

Blog Writer
Networking Goddess
Business Development Guru

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Blogging for cash

I have been reading a lot about how to use blogging for business, and even started a new blog on the subject. But beyond the whole "driving traffic", "gaining recognition" blah blah... stuff that I am always talking about I have decided to take it to a more basic level.

I have found blogs where people sell things, post advertisements, request donantions... which is all great - but how about blogging for money. Actually blogging for money...

Hey, I can do that, I think to myself. I have plenty to say, I can "link" and "alt" and "keyphrase density" with the best of them.


No one has the time to blog all day - but you want to have a blog to relate to your customers, keep grandma up-todate and drive traffic to your "real site" Meg will write your blog about your tech company, your favorite movies, or your life as a world-famous runway model--whatever!
For $100/hour, your blog will be written in this same rambling psudo witty prose, with appropriate links and targeted keyphrases carefully--craftfully woven in.

Send payments to PAYPAL - First time customers are subject to a 5 hour minimum for blog set up and initial postings.

ok - just kidding.

Well, unless someone sends money.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Feeling Evil

In doing SEO for a couple clients this week I came up across a couple of their competition's sites. These site were ranking high - and beating out my clients for the targeted keyphrases.

And I don't like losing... so I did a little investigation.

They were ranking high by hiding text within the background of their sites. And to be honest I was a little shocked that people were still using this "old-school" trick to stuff keyphrases onto a page - and then to find it on two sites in one week... wow! (Flashback to all those horrible sites we saw 4-5+ years ago). Of course both sites were poorly designed, and not at all aestetically pleasing, so the hidden text was really the only thing that was keeping them on the first page!

Now, I am not naive, so I know there are lots of sites that do this, and yes it does work BUT it is still wrong. And beyond being wrong it can get your site in a lot of trouble with those "Google Gods". They are a bit strict on those things, if they know about them.

"But Meg, my site has had hidden text for years and I have a great ranking, Google doesn't care about little old me!" (I can hear you all talking out there... you naughty little spammers, stop being lazy and tune up that site properly!)

So, true... the hidden text is getting you that ranking. But Google will likely find out. And if not, then people like me will report you when our hard-earned SEO tuning on our client's sites is not garnishing the results it and we deserve.

I told you, I hate to lose.

Google has a page just for reporting those sites who are not following the "ethical standards", and I used it twice today to report those naughty, naughty sites!

So if you have hidden text... get rid of it, and do SEO right. (Or call me and I'll do it--for a small nominal fee).

If your competition is taking advantage of hidden text and it really pisses you off and you want to tell on them... Go here:


uh oh!

"Uh Oh, they are reading the blog..."
---"what did you expect to happen?"
"I dunno. I guess I wanted them to read it."
---"Alright, so what's your problem?"
"Uhhh, I guess there is no problem. I just didn't really think they would"
---"Well, they are. So what are you going to do now?"
"I suppose I will have to be careful what I say, provide interesting reading, link well and often and always use my blog for good, and not evil"
---"you are such a geek"
"I know."

Ok, so by you know/Have you heard, that I am a natually very shy introverted person who has become a "forced extrovert" in order to propel my business, meet new people and better my community./?

This blog thing is scary for people like me....It is one thing to have a blog, (it is just a diary/notebook/running to-do list/place to shamelessly self-promote), but an entirely different thing to have a blog, write religiously in the blog, and then advertise said blog all over town and in email blasts to my distribution list.

(and to build additional blogs and do the same...)

This blog is essentially telling people to get to know me... WOW--is that scary! Remember I don't like attention!/secretly crave admiration/would rather hide under my desk than go to a networking event. But I have been monitoring the traffic on this and the other blogs and honestly there isn't an enormous amount, however I know a few people are reading, (although not commenting--ahem...) I know because nearly every day a new person says : "hey, I read your blog about...(insert witty post name)"

That is both flattering and, again...scary.

And hey, people aren't saying, "That was a GREAT blog about alt text", or "You are so funny/such a good writer/interesting/very smart!"

They say "I read your blog."


So thank you for reading. Thank you for linking to me from your blogs/sites/well-ranked news articles. I will try to be funnier/smarter/more interesting/topical/focused, in the future.

Meghan Wier
Blog Writer
Blog Maintainer
Blog Maniac

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Blog Link - Blogging for Business

New Blog:

Check it out, more to come.


Blogging for Business

Security Behind Bars is the newest member of the Blogging for Business Community! I will be creating and maintaining their blogs as of today. The flagship blog Nightclub Security features information about the company and its video and training products for (you guessed it...) nightclub security! (and "nightclub liability", and "night club security", and "club security" for those of you noting that I was being a bit light on the keyphrase density in this post). Your feedback and link ideas are always welcome. The main site has a PR of 2 today... we should be able to make this jump up in the next 30 days.

More blogs to come and more blogging clients to come as well! Which likely means I will need to start a new blog... blogging for business. I will post the link ASAP.

Meg - blog maniac

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Alt Text and weekend SEO cramming

Water Lily picture from my computer to show where to add Alt text in your site to help increase keyword density and get your site to the top of the search engines.

Ok, so addmittedly my last couple posts have been a wee bit negative. My apologies.

And so, to throw a little balance into the mix, this evening I would like to discuss ALT TEXT!! yes that is right, I am going to change the mood with a lesson on Alt text.

For my non-seo/web savvy readers, Alt text is "Alternative text" that is text placed in the code for an image in an HTML page. If the image is not displayed, the ALT text can be presented instead. ALT text is especially useful to users of speaking browsers. The text should be a brief representation of the purpose of the image, not a description of the image. ALT text is frequently seen when users move the mouse over images. ALT text is read by the browsers and can increase the page ranking for targeted keyphrases.

I use Alt Text frequently, (and well) when optimizing our SEO client sites.

(...oh yeah, SEO = Search Engine Optimization)

I did tuning, or made recommendations for tuning to about 6 sites this weekend, and it still amazes me that people insist on calling naming their logo "logo" when they could call it "BizNetix, located in Rochester, NY, the premiere source for web site design and development search engine optimization and web site hosting". Now doesn't that make sense! (ok, calling it "BizNetix... does not make sense on any site excite the BizNetix site... but you know what I mean). Besides being more interesting, the engines read that text and add it into the mix when determining you ranking for tartgeted keyphrases. By including these phrases in your alt text, you are increasing the density and chance that you will be found.

Being found = more traffic.
More traffic = more customers.
More customers = more money.
More money = happy client.
Happy client = happy Meg.

Now, a word of caution. Do not abuse Alt Text. Do not write a book. Do not say a picture is something it isn't. Always make sure the Alt text relates to the site. Use words in the Alt text that are also used within the site. Do not... I repeat, so not use Alt Text to list all the possible keyphrases you want to be found on. ("book, big book, best book, yellow book, my book, books, bookity book, mispelled booke, bobs book", etc). This is naughty! You will suffer the wrath of the Google Gods, (and the "Yahoo Yoda", the "Alta Vista All-Mighty" etc.) They will eventually catch on, and knock you down a notch, if they are even that nice about it.

Alt text is just one of many tools I use when tuning a site, but it is one of the easiest for the site owner to do as well. Take a look at your site and see if you have missed an opportunity to pack in some keywords.

Now, don't you feel more cheery? I do.

Meghan Wier

SEO Expert

Want to know more about Search Engine Optimization? Read a great SEO Article. (I wrote it a while it is possible that it is a little out of date, although that doesnt mean it still isn't great!)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

How not to sell me something...

Dude calls today - for "the person making the marketing decisions".

Yeah, that would be me.

Starts talking to me about putting a listing on his portal site...blah blah blah, great testimonials, long-time business, success stories...etc.

I check out his site--Crappy page rank. I ask why I would want to list my site on his, when I have a significently better PR, and currently list well organically for my targeted keyphrases.

He doesn't know what a "Page Rank" is, but do I use the phone book?

huh??? phone book. "No, I do not use the phone book".

"well, my site is like an online phonebook" - -uh yeah, dude, I get that... (does he know who he is talking to?)

He goes on to ask again if I use the yellow pages..."no"... Dude! Pay attention. Then he says I must not be being honest with him...because everyone uses the phone book.

huh? He's trying to sell me a listing on a Website, and the selling point is that it is better than the yellow pages, and then calls me a liar to make his point.


We talk a little, I give him a lesson on PR, tell him I did use a phone book once as a child to reach the "big girl table"...(attempting now to amuse myself through chatting about proper SEO techniques and antidotes about my past experiences with the phone book... ) Dude is like a broken record.

His script was not meant to deal with someone like me - aggressive, ADD, smart. WAY smarter than him...

So then I tell him that he can email me, (they guy is obviously mentally disturbed - or really bad at cold calling). He says that he doesn't like email, because it takes too long to talk to people.

uhhhh. "ok" I say... "look" DUDE "If you want to sell me something, and I tell you to email me, that that is the best way to contact me... do not fight with me... I AM THE CUSTOMER.

and dude, it's me... if you have been paying any attention, email will be the only way to get ahold of me (ever again... especially given this conversation).

Oh and... try not to call me a liar when trying to sell something to me. Even if I just told you your mommy is a pink elephant with a polka dot hat.... agree with me... I am the customer.

And for god's sake. When talking to an internet marketer with a specialty in SEO.... know your page rank.

"I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would be an affront to your intelligence" - George Bernard Shaw.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A note on pet peeves

Admittedly, I am a bit high maintenance. I didn't used to be, I evolved into this--with the demands of the business, motherhood, life (--blogging...) I need things to go my way when they need to go my way.

That is not to say that when it needs to go your way, I might not bend a bit.. I will. I can be pretty accomodating. Especially if you are a client. Good clients get accomodated all the time.

However, I still have a lingering pet peeve. No matter who you are: client, prospect, family, friend of 15 years...If we have arranged to meet at a certain not be late.

Now, traffic happens. Life gets crazy. 5, 10 minutes, more if you call.... IF YOU CALL.... I can be very accomodationg, and understanding.

But, if there is no family call to tell me you are on you way... Then that will serously piss me off.

just so you know.


The cons of uber blogging

Alright - so if you have been paying attention, you know by now that I have a few blogs, and they are a bit more focused than this one, where I generally just babble. At least I try to keep them more focused...

Anyhow, I have been trying to kearn as much as I can about other people's success with blogging, especially in my areas of interest: blogging for networking, introverted bloggers, and blogging as an SEO tool.

The thing that is happening is that I am getting caught up in the voyeuristic nature of blogs. I keep reading about these people who are way more interesting than I am, funnier than I am... some are even weirder and more neurotic, any many are doing very similar things with their blogs and their businesses... etc.

So I am left feeling Normal. And a bit more interested in reading than writing.

at least there is a lot to read.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog content vs links... want to get noticed?

I found a good blog article today that discusses Blog content, links and SEO. I thought I would share, it explains some of the "method to meg's madness" (another blog for another day... but really, I have a plan).

Obviously, the same applies to other Websites. That is: content and links, when used well and properly, will get you to the top of the search engines... of course a well-coded site goes a long way too!

Gaining Page Rank is more than just a hobby for me it is a passion... I am always searching for good quality information on SEO tips and techniques, please feel free to post great links and comments.

Meghan Wier

Yesterday was a good day...

Today isn't worth talking about.

So Let me tell you a little about yesterday. I talked to Prospect A, with whom I had met last week. He put me in touch w/ New Client B and New Client C. Sold them both yesterday from my cell phone while pacing in the conference room while my desk was being occupied... Love when that happens - Prospect A will likey become New Client A soon too. Love that.

Rest of the day was good - spent a lot of time on the phone... and new clients = more work. More work = more money, more money = happier meg.

happier meg = better world.

about that happy world:

I do need to revise my "google gods" statement. And so I decided to write the Google Gods a little note. Here is is, as I dont think anyone answers


Dear Google Gods:

I do sincerely appreciate the page rank... I really do, besides my Main Blog, I have gained ranking on several of the other blogs, including an unusually high (but not undeserved, though premature) rank of 3 on the Networking as a Business Blog.

However, I cannot quite understand why you have reduced my page rank on my Web page from a high of 4 a couple weeks ago to a 2 now. Have I been sandboxed? Are my links in not good enough for you? Do I look like I am spamming you? (I swear, I am not spamming!) Is my domain name not registered long enough? Do you think I am a link farm? (I assure you I am not a link farm!) I just want to share with you some of the cool things happening in MEG WORLD.

Whatever I have done to offend you with my site I apologize. A PR of 2 un unsatisfactory. I know it is not pretty--to be honest it is more like a test site. I use it to see what things will work, to do a little self promotion, and to...well I used to, use it, just a little to help build page rank on some other sites. I mean - I am suppossed to be decent at this Search Engine Optimization thing! Did this upset you? I am sorry. I will unlink if you want. I just need a sign...GOOGLE GODS, give me a sign.

I can be reached via blog. Any of them.

Yours Truly,
SEO Girl

Here is the letter I wanted to write, but post here for your enjoyment:

You big jerk - stupid Google God, you think you are so cool... but you aren't. I am a real person, with a real message to share with the world. You keep changing the rules of the game... that hardly seems fair. But here is something you don't know...Google "god", I am smart... really smart, I learn every time you change something. I am watching you. I play nice, but I only let you think you are in winning! My curiosity and need to out-smart and out-wit you will push me to succeed; and it will push me to gain PR, no matter how many times you change the rules. So take that Google God - you are just an algorithm out there in cyberspace... - don't think you can get away with this! I will play your game... but I will play it better.

AND... I'm funny. You can't beat that. (Stupid Algorithm!)

SEO Girl

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Thank you to the Google Gods

I just noticed that Google has gifted me with a Page Rank.

Google Gods, thank you for your most precious gift, I will use it wisely. I will not let you down, I will strive to obtain higher ranking in your eyes through my good deeds, quality links and above average content.

Tonight I dance with joy, (and hope that my ranking is not some fluke due to "Google Dancing")

Your most humble servant,
SEO Girl


It facinates me to find out what motivates other people to start their own companies. As I work with other business people there are re-occurring themes of the usual: money, prestiege, popularity, power. But the ones that are most interesting are the ones that people don't talk about: survival, passion, need for excitement, despiration, the fact that they are utterly otherwise unemployable and therefore must be their own bosses....

I am of course motivated by each of those with the one exception of popularity. Honestly, not so interested in popularity. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there are a couple people out there besides my mother that can get past my quirkiness and want to be my friends but I don't generally care too much if I am popular... do however want admiration, respect, and appreciation.

On the other motivating factors, I also want to include "making a difference"--and that is what I'd like to "ramble" on about tonight. It has always been my motivation to "make a difference", be it on a single person's day, or on the community. Often times I am able to make a difference through my job, supplying solutions to other business's problems. That is an awesome feeling. It is that feeling that motivates me to do more, be more, push harder, be better. I love to make other people aware that they can have success... and motivate them to go after it!

I met with two gentlemen the other day - they have a small business out of a small town near Rochester. They are doing some cutting edge stuff, selling alternative energy products. They are doing ok... but nothing that is enabling either one of them to quit their "day jobs". For them the motivation is entreprenurial freedom, financial freedom, and... perhaps a little "saving the world".

I am hoping to be able to help them out a bit with some connections, maybe a little funding - of course some Web updates (done in stages to fit their budget) and give them a little motivation too.

The one guy had met with another "Sales Person" awhile back and he said "boy, you sure aren't like that other guy, you are way more flexible and willing to work with us" to which I said "that is because he was a good sales person trying to make a sale, I am a good business person trying to develop a partnership". He smiled, and told me it showed. He was so pumped up after leaving the meeting that he nearly skipped down the street. That makes me happy, and it is that which motivates me to go out there and work day and night to be that person for the other great businesses out there that need motivation... (and a Web site of course!)

Meghan Wier
Recharged after 11 hours of almost uninterrupted slumber the previous night...Weekends Rock.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another Night

Great week from an RFP side - our Request a Propsal Page for the site is doing its job, bring in new prospects. - very cool. I love when things work the way the are supposed to.

Did get to a couple prospect meetings this week, as well as had a couple good prospect calls with out-of-towners...

- Now I just need to get myself geared up to write those proposals! Work is work (you can quote me on that).

BNI in the morning, looking forward to seeing the gang, although need to close up some lose ends on some prospects generated from the group. It amazes me how long the sales cycle is sometimes! Regardless, the networking along is valuable enough to get me to a meeting at 7am each week. They are great people.

Special thank you to Bruce McClellen who hooked me up w/ a very nice guy this week who was able to help me keep a promise to a friend... Bruce is a Business Coach for Action International. I now owe Bruce a beer and a bucket of balls, (not necessarily in that order). Same for Kelly Saucke who took the time this week to help me re-capture, (or is that discover) my athletic ability with a private golf lesson. Not ready to take over the world yet, but I now am in that special group of people that carry a golf glove around with them....

Actually a pretty athletic week ... went rock climbing AND went to the driving range...hmm, and they say I'm a computer geek....hmmm

If I may, a "shout out" (do they still say that???) to my 3.2 blog readers. Thank you for indulging me with your occassional interest.

- On the book, no new progress in the last couple days, however I am looking forward to a week at the cottage in August to finish polishing up the content.

SEO continues - need to finish recomendations ASAP and get those out to the customers...running a couple days behind. again.

Updates and Development continue this week for:


Must get the evening moving... BNI in 9 hours.

Meghan Wier
SEO Copywriter
Vice President, Business Development, BizNetix

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


"Successful people aren't born that way. They became successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don't like to do. The successful people don't always like these things themselves; they just get on and do them." - Anonymous
Establishing my routine, working to learn more, be more, letting a lot go.
Trying to finish book. Doing well, moments of brilliance punctuated by complete and utter dribble. Need good editor.
and good english.
Work is good, busy, seeking time to find the pleasure in being busy, and doing good...(scatch that "doing well" - see afore mentioned "English" comment.)
Building alliances, fanning flames, stretching. Exploring opportunities, qualifying like crazy.
Maintaining, updating, gathering, reporting.
utterly exhausted.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blogging for Money

I have come across a good resource for blogging for business - This seems to be a very comprehensive site - also I recently read this study, it is also very interesting (and lengthy,

...I also wanted to let you know that I have started a BLOG dedicated to my first book - "Confessions of an Introvert-The Shy Girl's Guide to Busienss Networking". This can be found at

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Shy Girls Guide: Self-Promotion

I am not naturally one to draw attention to myself - but fact of the matter is... in order to get ahead, you can't wait to be noticed - here is an excerpt from CONFESSIONS OF AN INTROVERT...

The following is an excerpt from “Confessions of an Introvert - The Shy Girl’s Guide to Business Success” by Meghan Wier. Preorders of "Confessions of an Introvert" will be taken starting in September 2005. For more information, write to .


OK, here it is—the big secret. If you wait around it may not happen, and you fall farther behind those who do. I’m sorry I had to break it to you. If you are invisible, it doesn’t matter how good you are, so be noticed! So how do you get that recognition? Here are some ways to self-promote!

1) Get a Web site or blog. Write about subjects that interest you, and that relate to your business. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

2) Find a local business, or online publication that takes freelance writers, and write articles for it. You probably won’t get paid, but you can use these articles to say that you have been published (very important in some fields) and promote yourself and your business.

3) Get to know the media. Make an effort to know at least a couple members of your local media. Newspaper reporters, TV anchors, and news directors, editors, and radio personalities are all looking for great subjects to report on. By bringing these people into your network, you will become a valued and important resource. Give them a good story, and they will come back to you again and again.

4) Find a PR buddy. Know another deserving, yet under-recognized individual that you can trust with a little “covert operation”? Share your hopes and dreams with this person, tell him or her about recognition you would like and offer to nominate your friend for an award, or write a public interest story in the paper about them. Ask them to do the same for you. Don’t be shy!

5) Send out a monthly or quarterly personal e-newsletter. An associate of mine sends out an email newsletter monthly to everyone in his distribution list. His is similar to a Christmas letter, (“we just moved into out new office; we have a new product at work; the weather has been great…”) and over the years I really feel like I have gotten to know him better from this monthly letter. Just remember that you are sending this out to your business associates, so don’t get too personal!

6) Have a professional bio written. Hire a professional resume and bio writer to write up a bio for you. This can be used on your Web site or when applying for executive positions, or when nominated for awards. A well written bio written by someone else can tout your accomplishments in ways you might feel uncomfortable doing yourself!

7) Offer to speak at seminars, or schedule your own. Speaking at seminars are a great way to promote yourself and your business. If this doesn’t feel comfortable for you, look for “round-tables” or panel discussions to speak at. They are more casual, and there will be more than one speaker.

8) Follow Up. The best way to be remembered is to follow up, and follow up with everything! Call to confirm meetings, call to make sure people got the information you sent, call, to make sure your clients are all set. Let your clients and prospects, and contacts know you are out there, and you are thinking of them.

9) Smile for the camera! Have a good professional photo taken and put that on your business cards, Web site, and/or company brochure. People will remember you more when they can put a face with a name.

10) Have a “tag-line”. When you introduce yourself, use a “tag-line” or a clever saying that will be remembered and will help others associate you with what you do.

Self-promotion is important to reaching the next levels of success and it can be done tastefully, and professionally. Look for opportunities, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and remember to keep your ultimate goals in mind!

(c) 2005 Meghan Wier


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Catching up

I have been in Denver the last few days visiting my sister and brother-in-law. The Jake works for Ball Aerospace and a project he was working on called Deep Impact went successfully this weekend. Pretty exciting stuff. Did the Colorado stuff... hiking, shopping (ok I did more shopping than hiking)... and a fun time was had by all.

And now I am behind again!

But, I remain positive, I have made several pheonominal updates to work flow, and process, and in my case, some serious delegation!

We are currently working on a new site for LTP Solutions. They consult and coach businesses to "LOSE THE PAPER" and utilize technology to save time, save money, gain efficiencies and grow! The site should be launched soon, and I will keep you all up to date.

Another exciting project is The Filter Store. The Filter Store has been an SEO client for several years and they continue to a fair portion of their business online. We are doing a few updates to the site this week. Check them out at

The Adair Law Web site is also in development, and should be launched before the end of the summer.

Another SEO client, BCC Software is another site to check out - just to see the huge amount of content. The site is a search engine magnet, full of wonderful information on bulk mailing and mailing software. More updates will be coming on that soon!

And so... here are the ares of interest today:
Outsourcing Personal "Chores"
Training Sales Assistant
Ordering more Business Cards
Wineries Vertical
Aloi Newsletter updates
Filterstore Updates
Brambleberry Barn Adwords Campaign
Spas Vertical
E-Business Association Updates
The Book
The Book
The Book.

until later - meg