Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bloging and selling and bossing people around and stuff!

Looks like I have found myself a sales assistant finally! "The Dude", who has been with us for several months as intern/chief grunt/problem solver extraordinaire will be assisting me in selling our web site, SEO services, IT Services, and hosting. Very Cool - now I just have to get him up to speed!

...another neo web guru. Just what the world needs...

Also seeking some intervention from concierge and personal assistant company "Creators of Time". Who do just that.... create time. - I will take another weekend day please. They are a new Web hosting client... welcome to the family.

Got a little mention on the contact form is picking up speed. I love that. They are getting serious prospects from the site right on time. This is a great example of how a Web site can generate new business.


Had a great chat with my new friends from BCC software today. We will be doing some more SEO work for them. More on them later.

...Just heard on "Average Joe" that "Geek is Chique" - wow. who knew.

Created a new blog today for Blogging for Networking. I am going to be updating this regularly, and look forward to your comments as we explore how blogging can help us network--especially those of use who are socially challenged!

Which leads me to the Book: "Confessions of an Introvert-The Shy Girl's Guide to Reaching the Top". I will begin to start to take pre-orders at the end of the summer, so stay posted. (if you want to pre-order before that, email meghanwier@meghanwier.com. Also, under the advice of co-blogger Tom from Windsor I am going to start adding excerpts from the book to this, and some of the other Blogs.

until next time.

Meghan Wier
Chique Geek

Friday, June 24, 2005

what's that ride?

You know the one, at the amusement park where you stand against the inside wall and the ride spins and spins, and you stick to the wall and no matter how hard you try you can do anything but strain your neck just a little bit... and then the floor drops out.


Fun ride this week - full of fun people and problems solved. Equal amounts of not fun people and problems created - but at least...this week... it balanced out. (so far)

Anyone want to by a Website? We have gotten EVEN BETTER at integrating a content manager into a preexisting or in-development site. The app rocks, and it is so wasy to use. We have cut the install time nearly in half.

I am continuing to do SEO copywriting for some of our clients - and they are doing very well - we continue to see that good "search engine friendly" copy is key to optimization.

Adding to our service menu is IT Services. We have been doing this for a while - but haven't really marketed it. Chad the man is now for rent to remove viruses, set up email, network offices, etc, etc.

Not too much more to report - except the usual - check out all the blog and site links...


Monday, June 20, 2005

Ducks in a Row.


Sorry, couldn't help myself. The thing about not sleeping is that after a while I get punchy.

And on that note I am finally tired. Tired enough to probably sleep tonight... for those that keep track of those things - or care. And for the record I do nap - at least once a week, usually Saturday. So don't go calling the mental health people just yet, I think the rule is 48-72 hours before schizophrenia sets in...

Finally got to those SEO reports I have been lamenting about. Finally. There is a little work to be done still before I pass them on to the accountant for invoicing, but the good news is the clients are doing well, especially The Filter Store, Aloi Materials, and BCC Software. We have our revised process in place and I am looking forward to continued growth in not only the success of this program, but also in its growth. Search Engine Optimization is evolving very quickly - I am glad we get to work on the cutting edge - work and succeed. I like the succeeding part especially.

Also - looking forward to seeing more people take advantage of the FREE SEO REPORT on the BizNetix Website. This is a great tool, and an opprtunity to check a site's ranking on many popular search engines.

I have set up several great meetings this week, and hope to get a serious dent into the prospecting, client relations, reporting, doing, moving, managing and creating parts of my job.

I have made a little progress on THE BOOK. Hopefully a little trip to Denver in a couple weeks will give me a bit of time to refocus my attention.

well, as I said, I am one sleepy insomniac... so until next time,

Meghan Wier
SEO Specialist
Web content writer
NEW BLOG: http://networking4introverts.blogspot.com

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Time Management, is it an Urban Legend?

Somehow...and I am not entirely sure how...the days are getting shorter. And I don't mean daylight vs. nightime, I mean the 24 hour day goes by faster.

Now, back many months ago. Many. I was in the car listening to one of those CDs that tell you how to "live your dreams", "become irresistable", and "be wealthy". (That was when I actually had time to listen to books on CD in the car - now that time is reserved for conference calls, business coaching, and selling websites.)

The CD - (and I apologize to the dude whose CD that was for not appropriately citing my source) was all about time management - and how to be a success one had to "protect, prioritize and preserve" their time. Seems like a good idea right?

Well, in my quest to be everything to everyone, and of course "live my dreams, become irresitable and be wealthy" I have decided to protect, prioritize preserve.... and my own personal addition to the list..."delegate".

So someone...go make me a cup of tea!

Areas/topics of interest/stuff that needs to move off my "to-do" list today:

Blog maintenance - test and measure search engine optimization, Search Engine ranking and effectiveness of blogs. Note: "ramblings of an insomniac" made google (5th place) this week, keyphase : "meghan wier".

Hire Sales Assistant - determine compensation package, and job description

Add Testimonial - Add Aloi Materials testimonial to BizNetix Portfolio page and into News to boost page rank. ( "The professional team at Biznetix guided us through the website redesign from start to finish. We are very pleased with the look, feel, and optimization of the site." J.J. Cain, Aloi Materials Handling, Rochester, NY)

Update Calendar - update calendar and set next week, and week after prospect meetings

Update BizAdmin - Get CRM program up to date w/ recent customer and prospect contacts, add additional prospects, make first contact.

SEO Reports - update letter, recommendation letter, invoicing and reporting out to clients

Finish Book - Deadline approaching (August 1st) - send to Ivan Misner for review and quote.

... and the list continues - but I need to delegate the creation there-of, as I am perfecting the priotization, preservation and protection of my precious, ever dimishing, time.

Meghan Wier
Expert Redundency Expert
SEO writer
Neo Web Guru
VP, Business Development
Former Professional Carpenter
Beauty Pagent Semi-finalist

Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday, Monday...

Monday. I actually like Mondays. On Mondays I am not THAT far behind - yet.

The Kidney Walk- went well - although I wish we could have done more than just exceeded our goal - I wanted to blow it away... but I just don't have the time. I am making an attempt to improve the efficiencies that I have integrated into life thus far, and add a few new ones. Besides trying to schedule meetings on the same side of town... sometimes I schedule them in the same place... Starbucks employees must think that is a bit strange, hanging out for hours meeting with different people... (but it is what it is).

Still working on that sales training manual- and getting some sales from the www.aloi.com website, (your premier source for all of your materials handling needs!)

Topics this week:
Interviewing sales people.
Selling a few Web sites
Search Engine Optimization
Accounts Recievable
Unusal Childcare arrangements
Tickets to Denver
Aloi Materials Handling
Taking special care of some new clients and prospects
Business Networking
Arrange for Groomer
Develop ground-breaking plan for earning money while sleeping
Learn how to sleep
March of Dimes Board Meeting

More to come - check out these sites: www.meghanwier.com , www.brightonsbest.com, www.networking4introverts.com, www.biznetix.net

Meghan Wier
2005 Co-Chair, Kidney Walk of Upstate NY
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Sales Manager
VP Business Development
etc., etc.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Practicing What I Preach

I am writing a book - or at least I wrote half a book. The other half is waiting for me to come up for air....

Essentially, the premise is that introverted people, such as myself, have an interesting challenge in business... we have a harder time seeking recognition, asking for a raise, meeting and becoming close to our co-workers, and networking. Sales people and business owners in particular face several roadblocks to success if they aren't the out-going types.

(Those annoying "out-going types")

I am looking for stories and interesting additions to incorporate into my book. If you would like something considered for the book, the estimated publishing date is October 2005. If your piece is included, I will send you a copy of the book.. just send me an email at meg@rochester.rr.com, or comment on the blog...

Meghan Wier

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another Week, meetings, headaches, work and friends...

Ok - so in the next couple days - I have to

  • Pick up a helium tank for Kidney Walk
  • Go to - and work at a fundraising event for 300-800 people - piece of cake
  • Send email to mascot to confirm Saturday
  • Finish collecting $1000 for the Kidney Foundation
  • Set up Groomer appt
  • Buy Plane Tickets to Denver
  • Go to BNI
  • Write a proposal for SE
  • Check out Webtrends to QR Services... (they have some new commercials out and I need to know if they are working)to drive traffic to the site
  • Make updates for www.aloi.com
  • Follow up w/ WF - need content written to site
  • Follow up w/ a million other people - seriously... a million
  • Get research together for Coach - not telling you coach who... but we have a meeting Wednesday
  • Get ahold of Rose - He owes me lunch - and he has a huge event coming up...
  • Get a hold of JSG - need to get SEO pinned down on his site
  • manage the blogs! - all of them - and need to add one for networking 4 introverts!
  • SEO Reports
  • Manage biztrak
  • Hire Sales Person
  • Finish Internet Sales Training Manual

Better get to that... only 11 hours until Brighton's Best Meets..

(Thank you to a old friend this week who helped me out this week - you're perspective was, and always is greatly appreciated.)

SEO Queen
Business Development Expert
Glutton for Punishment
Networking Facilitator
Self-Proclaimed Ruler of the Universe

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Outsourcing My Life

Ok - so I have been trying to figure out how to outsource my life - clearly the only way to get it all done is to have other people do it... I have already outsourced lawn care, and mowing. I have outsourced some child-care. Here is the other things I intend to look into outsourcing... as soon as I find someone to investigate the costs, and ROI.

Hair and Make-up
Laundry - doing, folding, putting away, keeping drawers organized
Grocery Shopping
Proposal Writing, Printing, Binding
BizNetix SEO
SEO for all my sites
Notes - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank Yous
Reading Emails
Deleting Spam Emails
Writing To Do List
Prioritizing To Do List
Writing Sales Manual
Hiring Sales People
Training Sales People
Choosing Outfits
Doctor's Appointments
Scheduling Appointments
Cleaning the House
Writing My Book!!!


there is a lot more. But only a couple of those look like something I could get someone else to do - and most of them involve me trying to train someone how to do all the little crazy things I do. - Hardly seems worth it, but it has to happen.... or else it all won't get done... ooh there's an idea... um nope I can't do that :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Blog Blog Blogging

Ok - so I took my own advice and made a few more blogs. It is a good thing that I have a lot to say. I have targeted one of my favorite topics: Business Networking. I made several blogs - all of which I now have to maintain... but I suppose that is the price one pays for having a lot to say.

Here are a couple of the new blogs, feel free to comment.

Business Networking in New York this blog is just for events and networking as it relates to New York... why you ask? well, because search engine searches are frequently geographically based-AND I am in New York State. Good enough reason?

Networking as a Business - a blog about turning networking itself into a money-making venture. There is so much to talk to here - and so many people doing this well.

Business to Business Networking is a blog about how businesses can leverage business networking to grow and succeed.

...that and my work at BizNetix has kept me busy - too busy to tell you what topics were of interest besides the obvious:
Business Networking Groups
Business Networking in New York
Business Development and Networking
Networking as a Business
Business Woman Networking
Business Networking How-To
Business to Business Networking

til later

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Weekends are where the world slows down just long enough for me to catch up... or try to catch up.

There is so much to do - and yet I am not sure that it is truly overwhelming. Don't get me wrong...it is a lot. So much so that I am not entirely sure what I am missing... but perhaps it is that it is Saturday night, and I still have another day until the world gets back on track and I get shot back into it.

Read an article while at the doc's yesterday about how there is n such thing as work/life balance - unless you look at your entire life... as in you have more life as a child, and as a retired person, and more work as a working adult. - Moral of the story - as long as you are happy--it's ok to be a workaholic.

My name is Meg, and I'm a workaholic.

I am doing a little more work with Rochester Eye Center this week, I like them a lot - always interesting things to discuss and interesting info to put on the website.

Other things going on today... I am trying to put together a Sales Training Manual per my business coach, Rich at Success Corps. Hopefully, I can get that together by Thursday's Sales meeting to go over with John.

We are also updating the Dibellas Web site. Just a few updates that should help the site be more of a tool for prospecting new locations for the restaurants.

I did get to sneak away today - pry myself away from a keyboard long enough to go to Fairport Canal Days. That was a lot of fun, and I got to spend some time with my sister Kate and my mom. Fairport Canal Days is my favorite of Rochester's Summer festivals. Maybe it is because I grew up in Fairport... but it is a good festival, in a cute town, with a bunch a great vendors--good stuff.

So, how long will it be until my blog gets a little Google Page Rank? Not that I am greedy, I just want to be able to fully realize the power of the blog...I suppose I must be honest with myself. In order to get page rank - not only do I have to have some decent info on the blog - but I do need some links from decently ranks sites as well... do you suppose there is anyone who would care to link to Meg's Blog? Maybe I need to start another blog for linking to my blog. (Not the first one to come up with that one!)

Other Topics of Interest Today:

Still looking for spas and salons looking for a great Web site (of course, in addition to Web site design and development, search engine optimization, website hosting, and internet marketing, we also offer technical service contracts and dedicated servers... check out the site if you haven't already - www.biznetix.net)

Anyone out there....??

Til next time...

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Friday, June 03, 2005

Fast Forward

wheeee! I have to hang on the world is going by TOO FAST.

It is almost Friday and I a pile of to-do lists to show for it. I did have a bunch of great meetings this week - and talked to a few million people on the phone. I need a personal assistant.

Areas of interest on this fine sunny Rochester, NY day...

Rochester Machinery Supplers SEO
Soecialty Tools USA SEO
Still working on that book.... well thinking about it
Paperless - and less paper offices
Soccer leagues
Rochester Asthma
Gift Baskets
Hiring a good sales person
Personality Profiles
BNI - tomorrow meeting

Thanks to Jeff at Rochester Eye Center for his donation to the Kidney Walk...

phew - need to get things together - BNI meeting in less than 8 hours.

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

before the end of the day

I suppose it is possible that I will get to the end of the day - someday and be able to proudly announce that I completed everything I needed to do that day.

Today will not be that day.

I did have a few decent meetings - and made about a million phone calls - the majority of which I did not log is our super duper CRM application BIZTRAK. I will have to get those in in time for our Sales meeting on Thursday. - ah one more thing to do...

Topics of interest today:
Syracuse Basketball
Pay per click Campaigns
Search Keyword Research
Blogging for Business
Link Campaigns
Sales Compensation Plans

Ah, and chocolate companies and law firms... geez my life is interesting.

Tomorrow I will try to get some of those calls made, log them appropriately, and get some stuff checked off the list.

The list, by the way is actually a spiral notebook - a running list which is out of date, and in much need of some attention itself...

More later.


Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist
oh check this one out: www.brightonsbest.com