Monday, October 03, 2005

Under the deadline - Friday

Friday was quite an interesting day, starting with a wine tasting at BNI, by Eric Amberg of Amberg Winery - a decent way to start the day. Followed by a meeting in Victor, where I left with two signed contracts for development. A quick drive home to relieve the husand of the baby while he took a business card and I finished packing. Then we took a trip to the airport, dealt with the delays and other joys or air travel with a toddler and arrived late in St. Louis. Had dinner with the parents, ran back to the hotel to hook into the wireless internet and send the manuscript and artwork for the book. Had it in by midnight, right on time, and right before the power supply died.

Spent next couple days doing family stuff. Happy the book is in, nervous that it isnt perfect.

Got notice that the pulisher has it in editorial review.

Ordered new power supply (still under warrenty)

busy week, and it is only Monday.

More info to follow as it is available.



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